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Dental College and Hospital, Pune

Cultural & Sports Activity

The most awaited programme by the students is the cultural and sports week.

The Interns 2011-12, Sabers organized a two week cultural fest named “ELECTRA” in the month of February. The entire event was split into two halves- sports week and cultural week.

The event commenced on the 13th of February, and was inaugurated by the Principal, Dr. Amita Mali on the campus grounds. We had the sports week from 13th February to the 18th of February. Various sports events that were held included throw ball, volleyball, cricket, football, kho-kho, other indoor sports like badminton, chess, carom, table tennis, athletics and various one minute games. All the years had individually customized their jerseys. There was an equally enthusiastic participation from the staff members with a very healthy round of cheering from the students. All the sports were played with a good sportsman spirit and were judged fairly.

The sports week was followed by the cultural week from the 20th to the 25th of February. Various on-stage and off-stage events were held during this period. Many competitions were held including face painting, tattoo making, collage, hair styling, mehndi, rangoli, flower decoration, hand painting, finger painting, debate, antakshari and eating competition. All the years and the staff members actively participated in all competitions with full zest and zeal. Students were supported by staff members by permitting them leave from lectures and postings during competitions. The fete was held on the 18th of February. All the years had put up 3 stalls each. There were many eating stalls as well as games stalls. The students enthusiasm in the fete was ignited by the DJ playing in the background. Different days were organized during the entire cultural week like the twin day, corporate day, mismatch day and color day. There was a day allotted for class decoration competition. Different themes were given to all the years, and the students dressed up accordingly. A traditional day was specially held for the entire staff and the joyous moments were captured in a photo session. The most awaited day of the cultural week was on the 25th of February- The Cultural Day. It was announced as a non-instructional day for students as the programme had to start by 9.00 am. The event began with the lighting of the lamp by the Principal, Dr. Anand Sabane and Dr. Prashant Rao followed by the welcome speech. A presentation was projected by the second year students to give a tribute to Miss. Pooja Patil with a two minute silence. The event continued with the welcome dance by the Interns. All the years were pre-allotted themes for dance, fashion show and spoof. The students successfully put up their best shows. There were filler dances by Interns. The prize distribution ceremony for the sports and the cultural week was held in which all the winners were awarded with trophies and certificates. The Culturals and Sports Trophies were won by the Interns. After the ceremony got over, lunch was served with a separate vegetarian and non-vegetarian section. This was followed by the band in which the staff members, Interns and other years students took part. It was a great pleasure to hear Dr. Ajay Sabane, Dr. Shandilya, Dr. Sachin and Dr. Pragati sing. A song was dedicated by Dr. Ajay Sabane and Dr. Sachin to the Interns which was very much enjoyed and appreciated by one and all. The show ended with a class presentation for the Interns. Later on, snacks were given to all. The most awaited part of the entire day was the DJ evening. It started at 6.00 pm and went on for 2 hours. All the students and few staff members enjoyed the evening. The Principal also joined the Interns late in the evening. After the event, all the students were securely sent to their destinations.

The success of the cultural and sports fest is attributed to the hard work by the committee members, the Principal, Dr. Mrs. Amita Mali, Dr. Amod Patankar, Dr. Anand Sabane, Dr. Prashant Rao and Dr. Rajashree Jadhav.

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