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Dental College and Hospital, Pune

Short Research Study by Dr. Manasi Shimpi

A short research study conducted by Dr. Manasi Shimpi on 'Assessment of the Efficacy of Thermography for the Detection of Artificially Induced Fractures in Teeth : an in-vitro study' had obtained Ethical Approval from the Ethical Committee at Bharati Vidyapeeth Dental College on. She presented this research study at the 26th Euro Congress and Expo on Dental and Oral Health held in Rome, Italy in December, 2018. The research was well received by the delegates at the conference and she was offered to write a textbook on the same research by a German Publishing Company called Scholars' Press.

She compiled a text as a review of the Applications of Infrared Thermography in Medical and Dental Sciences - A Comprehensive Textbook with Special Emphasis on the Detection of Vertical Root Fractures in Teeth.

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