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Dental College and Hospital, Pune

Department Overview

The department forms the back bone of the dental college as it takes care of the dental awareness and education cum motivation by extending its arms across the public as it creates a social awareness and also harnesses the need for maintenance of oral health for overall health of the individual as well as entire community. The routine procedures taken up by the department are organization of the dental awareness camps, education posters display for dental /oral hygiene maintenance etc. Special care is taken regarding the tobacco users as these patients are guided and motivated to quit the habits as they are educated regarding the harmful as well as life threatening aspects of the menace of usage of tobacco.
The department also organizes important days in the calendar years for eg. Anti-tobacco day, Doctors day, and AIDS day etc, to name few, apart from these the department also thrives constantly by conducting, Dental camps regularly for benefit of the society. 132 Dental camps were conducted in last 5 years. The patients from camps referred to our dental hospital and those patients who reported were treated free of cost. Various patients of low socio-economic background are treated free of cost. 72734 patients in the last 5 years were treated free of cost, 296545 patients were treated with subsidized fees. The staff and students of all units of Bharati Vidyapeeth are given treatment with treatment fee concessions.
Dentistry is a multidisciplinary field pertaining to the treatment modalities rendered to the patients. Every department is inter-related to each other, and work in tandem with other departments. Hence it is always important that every staff member from individual departments should be well versed of the various treatments offered in different departments. In this endeavour every staff member is not only encouraged to attend conferences and workshops pertaining to his field but at the same time is also encouraged to attend seminars and workshops and continuing dental education programmes of other allied subjects.
While rendering the treatment to various patients the diagnosis and treatment planning is done with accordance to the opinions of different department specialist whose opinions become an important consideration in the success of the treatment.
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