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Dental College and Hospital, Pune

Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics

The department of Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics is one of the prominent departments in the college. The department is spread over a large area that includes undergraduate section, postgraduate section and preclinical laboratory.
This branch basically deals with restoration of diseased teeth, thus conserving remaining tooth structure and preserving the natural dentition. The subject of Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics is taught from the first year of B.D.S.
The department has huge preclinical laboratory equipped with phantom head assembly. This assembly includes simulators with artificial jaw and teeth. In first year and second year, students are trained to work on these simulators. They perform the operative procedures on Ivorine teeth first before working on patients. In third and final year they can perform these procedures on patients. The undergraduate students perform simple operative procedures like Dental Amalgam restorations, GIC restorations etc under vigilant supervision and guidance of the faculty. In internship program students can manage little difficult case like complex restorations and root canal treatment procedures, under supervision of the faculty.
The post graduate section is well equipped with state of the art, advanced gadgets like Operating microscope, Digital Radiographic Equipment (RVG), Endosonic devices, Laser equipment, apex locators, Physiodispenser , recent obturating systems etc. This section is also equipped with casting laboratory and accessory machines required for casting as well as ceramic furnace and lumamate furnace for indirect composite restorations. The post graduate students are trained to perform complicated treatment procedures as well as advanced treatment modalities with innovative approach. These modalities include Smile designing, Tissue engineering for Regenerative procedure, Endodontic surgery and complicated root canal treatment procedures.
The department has a very well organized library with all the specialty books. Students and faculty members are best benefitted from this facility. One of the salient feature of the department is that, we regularly organize CDE program and conferences wherein invite renowned professionals who share their knowledge and expertise with students and faculty. This refurbishes us with the advanced technologies in our specialty.
The most important aspect is that the department has enthusiastic, highly qualified and dedicated faculty. The expertise and clinical experience of our faculty members is par excellence. The main concern of the department is satisfaction of the patients. The department is always on the progressing front as far as the quality of the treatment rendered to the patients is concerned.
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