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Awards & Achievements of Students - 2019

Sandli Singh

Hello, I, Sandli Singh, student of final year participated and secured 1st position in an Intercollegiate Eposter competition that was held at M. A Rangoonwala Dental Sciences and Research Centre, Pune on 29th February 2020, the theme for the competition was 'Latest trends in Dental therapy and treatment', it was an open category competition where UGs, interns and PGs were competing on the same platform.

Dr. Nikhil Jain

This is to convey that I presented a table clinic demonstration titled as the 'Factors affecting the Anterior component of force' at the Indian Orthodontic Society All India Post Graduate Convention held in Hyderabad from 21-23th Feb, 2020. I won the second position in the Competitive Clinical category Table Clinics for the same

Construction:The model was a simulator of human muscles of mastication which were replicated using elastic straps hooked on to orthodontic mini-implants placed along the origin and insertion points for all muscles. Typodont teeth were mounted in the prepared alveolar sockets of upper as well as lower jaw in ideal occlusion.

Parameters evaluated:

  • Occlusal force
  • Tightness of dental contact point (interproximal tightness between 2nd premolar and 1st molar of lower arch)

Both parameters were evaluated on flex and force sensors. The output was measured as voltage on two separate multimeters simultaneously.

Variable Factors: bite force was varied by

  • adding closed coil springs over the placed mini implants
  • increasing the gape (degree of separation ) of the jaws by addition of 3 mm unilateral posterior bite block increments.

It was seen that with addition of springs as well incremental increase in gape, occlusal force increased progressively and so did the interproximal contact tightness. This showed that proximal tightness was directly dependant on the bite force as well as the degree of separation of the two jaws.

Clinical relevance of this presentation highlights the etiology of lower anterior crowding due to anterior component of force and relapse of cases where extrusion of teeth is attempted. An understanding of the above concepts can help us determine the prognosis of the Orthodontic mechano-therapy at an early stage.

- Dr. Nikhil Jain
Department of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopaedics
Bharati Vidyapeeth Dental College and Hospital, Pune

Intern Sayali Nakhate

Intern Sayali Nakhate got first prize in e-poster competition on the topic "Sleep Apnea-Role of the dentist" at the recently concluded 58th Maharashtra State Dental Conference at Nashik and was guided by Dr Amit Mhapuskar.

Dr Nirmitee

Dr Nirmitee got 2nd prize in 34th IACDE zonal and national conference, CIDCO exhibition and convention centre at Swami Pranabananda Marg, Sector 30A, Vashi, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra 400703.
Topic: Sealing ability of two different root canal sealers after post space preparation: An In-Vitro Study.

Dr Nidhi Dev

Dr Nidhi Dev got 3rd prize in 34th IACDE zonal and national conference, CIDCO exhibition and convention centre at Swami Pranabananda Marg, Sector 30A, Vashi, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra 400703.
Topic: "Comparative evaluation of microtensile bond strength of composite resin to dentin after pretreatment of Aloe vera extract"

Dr Pradyna, First PG student

Dr Pradyna, First PG student, won the "Best Poster" Award
On 7th November 2019 PEDOVIBES.. 41ST National Conference, ISPPD. Organized by I. T. S. Dental College and Research Center Greater Noida.

Dr. Manasi Shimpi, MDS III, Dept. of Paediatric Dentistry

Dr. Manasi Shimpi, MDS III, Dept. of Paediatric Dentistry was invited as a speaker at the Dentistry Meet 2019 "Global Experts Meet on Holistic, Alternative and Traditional of Dentistry and Medicine" at Osaka, Japan on the 6th and 7th of September. She presented a review on the Applications of Thermography in Medical and Dental Sciences with an account of its use in the Detection of Vertical Root Fractures in teeth.

She was the youngest on the Panel of Speakers, representing India under the category of innovative research taking place across the globe. The talk received immense appreciation from the delegates, especially due to the benefits of Infrared Thermography, being a novel non- invasive and non- ionising technology.

She has also written a book on the Applications of Infrared Thermography in Medical and Dental Sciences, which is available on several online forums such as www.amazon.com , www.morebooks.com, www.adlibris.com, www.bookdepository.com, etc.

She has presented other topics of research at several national and international conferences in the form of oral presentations, posters, videos, and is currently conducting further research in order to explore the various applications of Thermography in the field of Dentistry.


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